neglect |niˈglekt|verb [ trans. ]“fail to care for properly…• not pay proper attention to; disregard : you neglect our advice at your peril.• [with infinitive ] fail to do something : he neglected to write to her.” I feel like perhaps this blog should be renamed to something akin to the title of this post […]

Inspiration – The Incrediable Edible Plate

I should be writing my recipe for nettle soup or finishing my write up for my astounding baby friendly nutrient dense gluten and sugar free banana bread but a friend just sent me this link & I felt the need to share! A truly inspirational concept – the incredible edible plate We are lucky to […]

kidney bean tangents

Kidney Bean & Mushroom veggie patty These are the perfect occupant for the freezer – We always try & have a few tucked away for lunches. Baby L loves them, the linseed helps them stay together so they make great finger food. They also work perfectly as the back bone for a salad for those […]